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Azalea ‘Nabucco’


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Deciduous azaleas, belonging to the genus Rhododendron in the heath family (Ericaceae), are valued for their beautiful flowers and decorative leaves that change color and fall in autumn. Their cultivation is easy, mainly due to their frost resistance, which distinguishes them from Japanese azaleas and rhododendrons. They thrive in containers and flower beds, whether planted individually or in groups, and they grow well along the edges of ponds or water features, where the humid microclimate favored by azaleas prevails. They can also be pruned and shaped. Deciduous azaleas are exceptionally beautiful in May and June, blooming profusely, and in autumn, they enchant with their color-changing leaves reflecting all the hues of Polish autumn.
Deciduous azaleas produced at the Zymon Ornamental Shrubs Nursery include the Knap Hill group, considered one of the most valuable. The plants in this group are characterized by their vigor, longevity, abundant flowering, and large flowers gathered in impressive inflorescences.
AzaleaNabucco‘ is a shrub with an upright habit and strong growth. It bears large burgundy-red flowers, with noticeably lighter interiors, similar to other varieties, gathered in semi-circular inflorescences. ‘Nabucco‘ is the most red of all known azaleas, and its flowers do not fade in full sun. It blooms late, in mid-June. Deciduous azaleas require a sunny or semi-shaded location, acidic, humus-rich, well-drained soil, and moderately moist conditions.
AzaleaNabucco‘ has received awards: Oldenburg-Zertifikat RHODO ’90, Westerstede 1990.

Height and width of the dispatched plant

40/60 cm

Target height and width

120/120 cm

Planting period

From spring to autumn

Container size

C5 - 5 liters

Bloom time

From May to June




Keep the soil moderately moist.

Soil type

Loamy, permeable, acidic pH 3.5-4.5


Sunny, partial shade

Maintenance procedures

Formative pruning

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