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Fagus sylvatica ‘Dawyck’


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Fagus sylvatica 'Dawyck' is a slender and pyramidal tree with upright branches. Branching starts low at the trunk. It is very shapely and can reach a height of 15m and a width of about 2-3m. The soft grey bark is smooth. The oval or egg-shaped leaves are glossy, dark green and can reach a length of 4-10 cm. 'Dawyck' has small, inconspicuous and less profuse flowers than Fagus sylvatica. 'Dawyck' can be used as a solitary, avenue and parkland tree, and prefers permeable soils that are not too moist and have a high humus content.
It grows relatively slowly and is suitable for use in home gardens as well as parks, squares and estate greenery.

Height and width of the dispatched plant

80 to 100 cm / 30 to 35 cm

Target height and width

15 m /2 do 3 m

Planting period

From spring to autumn

Container size

C5 - 5 liters

Bloom time

From April until May


Minimum -26/-23 degrees, Zone 5B


Keep the soil moderately moist.

Soil type

Fertile, humus-rich, and permeable, slightly acidic to neutral.


Sunny, partial shade

Maintenance procedures

Shaping cut.

The growth rate

Slow growth pace.

Tree form

A medium-height tree,

Tree habit


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