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Quercus × bimundorum ‘Crimschmidt’


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Quercus × bimundorum 'Crimschmidt' is a narrow deciduous tree with a columnar and upright habit. It grows up to 15 m tall and 4-5 m
after a decade. width. The leaves are dark green, turning rusty red in autumn. The variety is highly frost hardy (Zone 5 B).
Discovered by Willet Wandell at his nursery in Oquawka, Illinois, as a seedling of Quercus robur. It was probably pollinated with pollen from Quercus alba. Introduced in 1994 by J. Frank Schmidt Nursery, Boring, Oregon, PP 9103.

The genesis of the species name bimundorum is interesting, well bimundorum is a combination of two words from Latin: bi meaning two and mundus meaning worlds, hence the translation: Two Worlds. In addition, the name: bimundorum specifies, the origin of the species being a hybrid between the pin oak Quercus robur (from the "old world") and the white oak Quercus alba, native to eastern North America (i.e. the "new world").

Height and width of the dispatched plant

80 to 100/25 cm

Target height and width

15/4 m

Planting period

From spring to autumn

Container size

C5 - 5 liters

Bloom time



Minimum -26/-23 degrees, Zone 5B


Keep the soil moderately moist.

Soil type

Fertile, humus-rich, and permeable, slightly acidic to neutral.



Maintenance procedures

Shaping cut.

The growth rate

Fast growth rate.

Tree form

A medium-height tree,

Tree habit

Columned and upright.

CommentsThe product is not suitable for consumption.