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Magnolia ‘Susan’


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Magnolia 'Susan' is a small tree with a nice spreading and compact habit, growing to 4 metres. The variety 'Randy' is another of the hybrids selected by Francis de Vos and William Kosar in 1956 at the U. S. National Arboretum in Washington. It belongs to the 'eight little girls' group, the names of the different cultivars being derived from the names of the daughters and wives of those working and associated with the Arboretum.
'Susan' is one of the most popular varieties of magnolia. Suitable for any type of garden, the variety is very frost resistant. The variety 'Susan' flowers very profusely in April and May, repeating flowering in late summer. The flowers are of medium size up to 12.5 cm in diameter, delicately fragrant. The green, leathery, glossy leaves are exceptionally decorative, it flowers like the other magnolia varieties, even before the leaves have developed. Buds red-purple, upright. Bell-shaped flowers composed of 6 sometimes 7 dark amaranth slim petals ( tepals ), narrower at the base and lighter at the edges with a tendency to curl inwards.
Magnolia requires a humus, permeable, slightly acidic substrate and a sheltered, sunny position.

Height and width of the dispatched plant

Variant of the product.

Target height and width


Planting period

From spring to autumn

Container size

Variant of the product.

Bloom time

From April until May


Minimum -23/-21 degrees, Zone 6A


Keep the soil moderately moist.

Soil type

Fertile, loamy, well-drained, slightly acidic to neutral



Maintenance procedures

It is important to cover plants for the winter and removing diseased and frosted shoots, after winter.

For details on how to grow magnolias, see HERE.
Magnolia growth rate

Growth rate typical for the species.

Magnolia form

A small shrub.

Magnolia cutting

Shrubby, spherical and compact.

Flowers - tepala length

From 8 to 10 cm.

CommentsThe product is not suitable for consumption.